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2014 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
2013 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
2012 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
2011 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
2010 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
2009 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
2008 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
2007 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
2006 Survey Results and Conference Impacts
Celebrating 15 years of excellence in dairy nutrition, 1992-2006


Ballou, M. Nutrition and Immunity of Pre-Weaned Dairy Calves
Baumgard, L. Feeding and Managing Cows to Minimize Heat Stress
Daniels, K. What Do We Know About Rumen Development?
Eastridge, M. Variation in Milk Yield Within Dairy Herds
Hristov, A. Feeding Protein to Dairy Cows - What should be our target?
Kononoff, P. Corn Ethanol: One Process But Many Products ... Do Cows Care?
McGuffey, K. Progress on the 8th Edition of the Nutrient Requirements of Dairy Cattle
Owens, F. New Technologies in Forage Varities and Production
Plaizier, J. Minimizing the Risk for Rumen Acidosis
Proudfoot, K. Maternity Pen Design and Management From the Cow's Perspective
Sommer, C. Global Dairy Developments - An Overview on Milk Prices and Milk Production Costs World Wide
Soriano, F. Managing Feed Inventories and Limiting Shrink
VandeHaar, M. Opportunities for Improving Feed Efficiency
Waldron, M. Prescribed Feeding Prepartum for Improved Health and Performance Postpartum
Weiss, W. Proper Sampling and Sampling Schedule Can Prevent Reduced Milk Yields


Bethard, G. Are You Efficiently Replacing Your Herd?
Garry, F. Why Cows Die on Dairy Farms
Huzzey, J. Effect of Stocking Density on Feeding Strategies and Health
Kinsel, M. Use of Mobile Device Technology in Dairy Data Management
Nydam, D. Monitoring Negative Energy Balance in Transition Dairy Cows for Herd Results
Oetzel, G. Minimizing Hypocalcemia During Early Lactation
Patton, R. Models for Estimating Duodenal Amino Acid Flow and Total Tract Starch Digestibility
Phillips, T. Managing Risks Associated with Feeding Aflatoxin Contaminated Grain
Schoonmaker, J. Effect of Maternal Nutrition on Calf Health and Growth
St-Pierre, N. Culling Rate on Dairy Farms and Its Effect on Income Over Feed Costs and Forage Inventory Requirements
Taysom, D. Laboratory Measurements of NDF and Starch Digestibility
Varga, G. Can We Use Residual Feed Intake to Enhance Dairy Production Efficiency?
Weakley, D. Improving Ruminal Digestibility
Weiss, W. Effects of Variation in Nutrient Composition of Diets on Lactating Dairy Cows


Barbano, D. Issues Related to Sampling and Analysis of Milk
Beede, D. What Can We Do About Water Quality?
Bradford, B. Nutrition and Immunity
Bucholtz, H. Key Points in Harvesting and Storing High Moisture Corn
Chase, L. Using Grass Forages in Dairy Cattle Rations
Eastridge, M. Variation in Milk Fat of Fresh Cows
Harvatine, K. Circadian Patterns of Feed Intake and Milk Composition Variability
Lock, A. Bioactive Supplements for Relief of Milk Fat Depression: Do They Really Exist?
Nocek, J. Managing a Profitable Dairy Farm
Sellers, R. Food Modernization Act- What it Means to the Feed and Livestock Industries
Shaver, R. What's New With Corn Silage for Dairy Cattle?
Shoemaker, D. Advantages and Disadvatages of Homegrown Forages
Sipiorski, G. Today's Business World: Volatility, Uncertainty, and Opportunity
St-Pierre, N. Economic Value of Milk Components
Weber Nielsen, M. Management Tips for Calves Fed with Automated Milk Feeders
Weiss, W. Within Farm Variation in Nutrition Composition of Feeds


Allen, M. Mind Over Models
Botheras, N. Animal Welfare Issues - Locally and Nationally
Burgos- Zimbelman, R. Feeding Strategies for High-Producing Dairy Cows During Periods of Elevated Heat and Humidity
Drackley, J. The Other Side of the Transition: Effects on Colostrum and Calf
Godden, S. Pasteurized Milk and Colostrum Feeding Systems: Capturing the Benefits and Avoiding the Pitfalls
Hutjens, M. Changes in Feeding Dairy Cows During the Last 20 Years and What's Ahead
Johnson, K. Growing and Harvesting High Quality Grasses for Dairy Cattle
Kertz, A. Changes in Feeding Dairy Calves and Heifers During the Past 20 Years and Looking Ahead
Mertens, D. Measurements of Forage Quality
Overton, T. Feeding for Improving Energy Balance
Rodenburg, J. Designing Feeding Systems for Robotic Milkers
Schutz, M. Changes in Standards for Milk Quality and How They Will Affect Your Clients
Townsend, J. Cowside Tests for Monitoring Metabolic Disease
Von Keyserlingk, M. Identifying Transition Cows at Risk and How Best to Manage Them


Bach, A. Raising Dairy Replacements Objectively: The Value of Data-Based On-Farm Decisions
Bolton, K. Economics of Lactating Dairy Cow Grouping Strategies
Croney, C. Animal Welfare, Ethics, and the U.S. Dairy Industry: Maintaining a Social License to Operate
Daniels, K. Dairy Heifer Mammary Development
Erven, B. Motivating the Feeder
Firkins, J. Addition of Sugars to Dairy Rations
Grant, R. Forage Fragility, Fiber Digestibility, and Chewing Respone in Dairy Cattle
Lock, A. Update on Dietary and Management Effects on Milk Fat
McGuffey, K. What Major Ration Changes Occurred in 2009?
Powers, W. Effects of Feeding on Air Quality Measures
Schwab, C. Balancing Diets for Amino Acids: Nutritional, Environmental, and Financial Implications
Shearer, J. Nutritional and Animal Welfare Implications to Lameness
Ward, R. Molds and Mycotoxins in Feeds Harvested in 2009
Weiss, W. Feeding in Today's Economy


Allen, M. Grouping to Increase Milk Yield and Decrease Feed Costs
Beauchemin, K. New Developments in Understanding Ruminal Acidosis in Dairy Cows
Berger, L. Storing Wet Grain Commodities
Bewley, J. Potential of Using New Technology for Estimating Body Condition Scores
Bucholtz, H. Changes in the Feeding of Dairy Cattle During the Past 36 Years
Buckmaster, D. Optimizing Performance of TMR Mixers
Capper, J. Increased Production Reduces the Dairy Industry's Environmental Impact
Dann, H. Feeding Low Starch Diets
Hartnell, G. Genetically Modified Plants as Animal Feed
Jamison, C. Using Feedstuff Inventory Management and Feeding Management Software on the Dairy: Concepts and Tasks
Owens, F. Effects of Chemical and Physcial Characteristics of Corn on Starch Digestion
Schutz, M. Implications of Changes in Core Body Temperature
St-Pierre, N. Economic Value of Corn Silage
Weiss, W. Impact and Management of Variability in Feed and Diet Composition
Wolfenson, D. Impact of Heat Stress on Production and Fertility of Dairy Cows


Allen, M. Optimizing Transition Cow Diets
Casper, D. Factors Affecting Feed Efficiency of Dairy Cows
Devries, T. Understanding Cow Behavior from a Nutritional Perspective
Donkin, S. Feeding to Minimize Nutrient Requirements for Maintenance and Increase Milk Production
Goff, J. Transition Cow Immune Function and Interaction with Metabolic Diseases
Grunberg, W. Phosphorus Homeostasis in Dairy Cattle: Some Answers, More Questions
Hoffman, P. The Potential to Limit Feed Dairy Replacement Heifers
James, R. Current Issues with Feeding Preweaned Heifers
Nennich, T. Nutritional and Environmental Management of Phosphorus and Potassium
Pajor, E. What is Affecting Housing Design and Other Management Practices - Economics or Animal Welfare
Santos, J. Nutrition and Reproduction in Dairy Cattle
Shoemaker, D. Factors Associated with Acute Bloat Syndrome in Pre-Weaned Dairy Heifers
St-Pierre, N. Managing Measures of Feed Costs: Benchmarking Physical and Economic Feed Efficiency
Stone, B. Considerations in Feed Bunk Management
Weiss, W. Mineral Tolerances of Animals

Allen, M. Ranking Corn Silage Hybrids
Botheras, N. The Feeding Behavior of Dairy Cows: Considerations to Improve Cow Welfare and Productivity
Bucholtz, H. Use of Urea Nitrogen in Herd Management
Donkin, S. Glycerol as a Feed Ingredient in Dairy Rations
Drackley, J. New Approaches to Feeding Dry Cows
Epperson, W. Copper Sulfate for Footbaths - Issues and Alternatives
Epley, R. Optimizing the Use of Distillers Grains in Rations
Etherton, T. The Future of Biotechnology in the Barnyard
Fox, L. The 5 C's of Calf Raising
Fry, R. Feeding Herds Certified for Organic Milk Production
Garcia, A. Storage of Wet Distillers Grains
Knapp, J. Strategies for Diet Formulation with High Corn Prices
Weiss, W. Factors Affecting Manure Output on Dairy Farms
Wolf, C. Changes in the Tri-State Dairy Industry

Bauman, D. Concepts in Lipid Digestion and Metabolism in Dairy Cows
Beede, D. Dairy Nutrition and Air Quality
Bolsen, K. Silage Management: Common Problems and their Solutions
Dahl, G. Effect of Photoperiod on Feed Intake and Animal Performance
Eicher, S. Why Should I Know About Animal Welfare Audits
Firkins, J. Starch Digestibility of Corn - Silage and Grain
Hall, J. Appropriate Methods of Diagnosing Mineral Deficiencies in Cattle
Hanigan, M. Current Status of Amino Acid Requirement Models for Lactating Dairy Cows
Schingoethe, D. Can We Feed More Distillers Grains?
Thomas, E. Field Responses to the Feeding of Rumensin
VandeHaar, M.

Update on Development of Spartan Dairy Ration Evaluator/Balancer Version 3

Varga, G. In-Vivo Digestibility of Forages
Weiss, W. Water Soluble Vitamins for Dairy Cattle
Wiltbank, M. Positive and Negative Effects of High Energy Consumption on Reproduction in Lactating Dairy Cows


Barmore, J.  Performance Monitoring of Dairy Nutrition and Feeding.
Beede, D. Formulation of Rations with Optimal Cations and Anions for Lactation.
Berger, L.   Covering Bunker Silos.
Broderick, G. Feeding Dairy Cows to Minimize Nitrogen Excretion.
Bucholtz, H.    Feeding Practices of High-Producing Herds in Michigan.
Epperson, W.
Grant, R. Optimizing Starch Concentrations in Dairy Rations.
Jenkins, T.   Effects of Nutrition on Milk Composition: A 25-Year Review of Research Reported in the Journal of Dairy Science.
Johnson, T. Water Quality for Calves.
Oba, M.      In Vitro Digestibility of Forages.
Shearer, J. Nutrition and Claw Health.
St.-Pierre, N.   New Version of SESAME.
Weiss, W.    Selenium Sources for Dairy Cattle.

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